For Developers


The source code is hosted on github:

Build instructions can also be found there.

The code is free to download and use under a BSD-3 license. However, the code base is currently undergoing large changes, thus there is no guarantee that internal interfaces will be stable.

CustusX is written in C++ using CMake, Qt, CTK, VTK, ITK, Eigen, OpenCV, IGSTK, OpenIGTLink and other libraries. The OSGi plugin framework implemented by CTK is used, and is the recommended way to extend CustusX yourself. The platform contains the CustusX application, but it is straightforward to build your own applications using the same platform. See the documentation for more.



Feel free to fork the project on github. Modifications can be added throught pull requests ( You can also join us on the mailing list or answer questions on StackOverflow.