CustusX is a Navigation System for Image-Guided Intervention. The intended audience is clinical and technological researchers in the fields of medical imaging and navigation. The platform can be used both as a customizable navigation system and as a toolkit for developing new applications. The main focus of CustusX is the use of intraoperative Ultrasound.

Image-Guided Therapy

Image Guided Therapy are minimal invasive procedures where the operator makes extensive use of images for guiding the treatment/intervention. These procedures require highly accurate and updated images of the relevant anatomy. Pre-operative modalities like Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have traditionally been used, but in recent years modalities like Functional MRI (FMRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and ultrasound are getting more attention.

For updated image data, ultrasound, X-Ray/fluoroscopy or cone-beam CT can be visualised together with the pre-operative images. During interventional procedures, the position and pose of instruments inside the body are tracked in real-time and visualised at correct location within the image data, forming a navigation system.

The USIGT YouTube Channel contains explanatory videos on the subject.


The role of CustusX

CustusX is the software component connecting the images, tracked surgical instruments and the computer display in order to create a complete navigation system. It contains a toolbox of navigation features, image-processing algorithms, connections to external hardware and other functionality useful for working with IGT. 

Use in Research

The system can be used to perform clinical studies requiring an IGT platform. It can also be customized to create new applications that specializes on a particular procedure/field, enabling testing and research on novel imaging techniques. CustusX can be used without any restrictions, as it is available under a BSD-license. CustusX is indended for research only, and is not approved for routine clinical use in any way. Before use in a clinical research setting, the necessary approvals according to safety regulations etc. must be obtained by the end user.