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An IGT application
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 NcxNamespace for all CustusX production code
 CCXQVTKWidgetQVTKWidget displays a VTK window in a Qt window
 CDockWidgetsHandles dock widgets for main window
 CEnumConverterClass for easy conversion between an enum and a QString
 CLandmarkImageRegistrationWidgetWidget for adding image landmarks, used by landmark based image registration methods
 CProbeXmlConfigParserClass that works as a interface to a ProbeCalibConfigs.xml
 CProbeXmlConfigParserImplImplementation of abstract interface ProbeXmlConfigParser Interface to ProbeCalibConfigs.xml
 CProbeXmlConfigParserMockMoc implementation of abstract interface ProbeXmlConfigParser All function return dummy values
 CSonixHelperSupport Qt support for vtkSonixVideoSource
 CUltrasoundSectorSourceSource for an Ultrasound sector. The output vtkPolyData contains a polygon plus texture coordinates. The output is given in space u: a xy vtk image space with origin in the lower-left corner,