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An IGT application
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Build instructions

Recommended build procedure

Make sure you:

Choose a root folder for the project. It will be populated as described in Superbuild Folder Structure.

Then run the following commands:

    cd \<root_dir\>
    git clone CX/CX
    ./CX/CX/install/ --full --all -t Release

Run -h for more options.


These must be installed prior to installing CustusX.

Several other libraries (see External libraries) are part of the Superbuild, and thus does not need to be installed separately.

For convenience, setup scripts for some platforms are available in the repository. They will help setup a machine from scratch, but might give you more than you expected. Look for your platform in install/platforms.

If you run into trouble, try building VTK, then CTK and run an example application, ctkPluginBrowser for instance. There is a wealth of resources on the net describing how to compile these projects. If this fails, try the specific resources on CustusX.

Superbuild Folder Structure

The default CustusX folder structure differs from the standard CMake source+build structure. All libraries, CustusX included, are placed within a root folder, with source and build folders grouped according to library.

The CustusX Superbuild defines and sets up this structure. It is fully possible to use a different structure, in that case you must configure cmake yourself.

root CX CX
some_lib some_lib