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An IGT application
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oCustusX SystemAn IGT library
|oGUI LayerThe GUI layer is all the widgets that is available to the user
|oLogic LayerApplication lifecycle and plugin management
||oOrg_custusx_acquisitionHandles the us acquisition process
|\Resource LayerA collection of common utility classes available to everyone
| oCoreCore building blocks
| |oMathThe CustusX Math library, based on Eigen
| |oTool
| |oPatientModelThe virtual patient
| |oAlgorithmsIn-house algorithms and adapters around external ones
| |oPropertyFramework for a presenting interfaces to backend data
| |oLoggerLogging of status, errors, debug to console and file
| |oUtilitiesAll basic unrelated functionality
| |oVideoVideo related interfaces and data classes
| |\SettingsSettings files and file system locations
| oViewVisualization classes
| |oRepresentationsRepresentations that visualize Data entities in a View
| ||oRep 2DRepresentations of 2D entities
| ||oRep 3DRepresentations of 3D entities
| ||\Rep VideoRepresentations of video entities
| |\Cx_resource_view_internal
| oOpenIGTLink UtilitiesUtilities for interfacing with OpenIGTLink
| oVideo ServerA server for receiving Video and US signals
| oUS Reconstruction TypesTypes used in relation to US reconstruction
| oWidgetsBasic widgets
| \FilterFilter framework
oFilter Algorithms
oVideo Streamers
oRegistration Methods
|oImage To Image Registration Methods
|oImage To Patient Registration Methods
|\Image Transform Registration Methods
oUS Reconstruction Algorithms