CustusX  22.09
An IGT application

Available Plugins

The following plugins are available:

Other Plugins

The following plugins are available, but have no user documentation:

  • org.custusx.bronchoscopynavigation
  • org.custusx.ceetron
  • org.custusx.core.patientmodel
  • org.custusx.core.state
  • org.custusx.core.tracking
  • org.custusx.core.tracking.system.igstk
  • org.custusx.core.view
  • org.custusx.registration

Plugin troubleshooting

If, for some reason, some plugins fail, the settings.ini file for the user profile (e.g. ~/CustusX_settings/profiles/Laboratory/settings/settings.ini) will mark these plugins as uninstalled.

This can be fixed by either deleting the CustusX_settings folder, or edit or delete the settings.ini file. Another option is to open the Plugin Framework Widget in CustusX. Here it is possible to start/install/uninstall plugins.