CustusX  22.09
An IGT application
Here is a list of all modules:
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 CustusX SystemAn IGT library
 GUI LayerThe GUI layer is all the widgets that is available to the user
 Logic LayerApplication lifecycle and plugin management
 Org_custusx_acquisitionHandles the us acquisition process
 Resource LayerA collection of common utility classes available to everyone
 CoreCore building blocks
 MathThe CustusX Math library, based on Eigen
 PatientModelThe virtual patient
 AlgorithmsIn-house algorithms and adapters around external ones
 PropertyFramework for a presenting interfaces to backend data
 LoggerLogging of status, errors, debug to console and file
 UtilitiesAll basic unrelated functionality
 VideoVideo related interfaces and data classes
 SettingsSettings files and file system locations
 ViewVisualization classes
 RepresentationsRepresentations that visualize Data entities in a View
 Rep 2DRepresentations of 2D entities
 Rep 3DRepresentations of 3D entities
 Rep VideoRepresentations of video entities
 OpenIGTLink UtilitiesUtilities for interfacing with OpenIGTLink
 Video ServerA server for receiving Video and US signals
 US Reconstruction TypesTypes used in relation to US reconstruction
 WidgetsBasic widgets
 FilterFilter framework
 Filter Algorithms
 Video Streamers
 Registration Methods
 Image To Image Registration Methods
 Image To Patient Registration Methods
 Image Transform Registration Methods
 US Reconstruction Algorithms