CustusX  22.09
An IGT application

The easiest way to install is to use the installers from the website. Check out the Supported Platforms.

Hardware setup:


  • CustusX use OpenCL. If you get errors about OpenCL, e.g. "Missing OpenCL.dll", try installing the latest driver for your graphics card.

Experimental additions:

Some parts of CustusX are more experimental or unfinished. These may not be thoroughly tested, be more cumbersome to use, and some documentation may be lacking.

Tracking using PlusToolkit

Instead on using the integrated tracking based on IGTSK, the PlusToolkit may be used instead. See Building/installing Plus Toolkit for Ubuntu 16.04 installation instructions.

  • CustusX release 18.04 require PlusToolkit version 2.6.
  • CustusX nightly build (and next release) require PlusToolkit version 2.7 or newer.

CustusX communicate with the PlusServer through OpenIGTLink. For instructions on how to run PlusServer see In addition, CustusX tool config files have to math the config files for PlusServer. See Creating Plus config files and matching CustusX tool config files .