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An IGT application
List of Definitions
Name Description
Patient The patient is the collection of all data related to a single patient study, such a MR/CT/US volumes, segmentations based on the volumes, and relations between these. All patients in CustusX are anonymous.
Clinical Application A system wide setting that specifies which clinical domain the system is to be used in. Options are Neurology, Laparoscopy etc. This affects the available tools and slice orientations.
Data set Either a volume, surface, or other data displaying 3D information of a patient.
Metaheader Volumetric data format. Consists of two files: .mhd and .raw.
View A window inside CustusX displaying volume data in either 2D or 3D.
View Group A group of views that display the same data, althoug in different ways.
Layout One configuration of all visible Views.
Tool A tracking device, usually from Polaris. Can be a navigation pointer, a surgical device, or an ultrasound probe. Used to navigate within the volumes.
Manual Tool A special Tool that is controlled by the mouse. Otherwise is is treated like a physical tool. Is is the default Pointer when tracking is disabled (when starting the system, for example)
Slice A 2D slice through a 3D volume. Custus uses several definitions for its slicing, primarily ACS (Axial, Coronal, Sagittal), but also Anyplanes, which are attached to the Tool. Customize using layouts.
IGT Image Guided Therapy
Navigation Pointer A Tool used for pointing.