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An IGT application
Tutorial: Video Streaming

CustusX can display video from an external source using a frame grabber. To achieve this, CustusX connects to a grabber application using the OpenIGTLink protocol, which in turn grabs video from the frame grabber:

Video Stream from camera to CustusX

This tutorial assumes:

  • The Frame Grabber is connected to the CustusX computer.
  • The drivers has been properly installed.
  • The Video Source is emitting video.

A quick check is to view the video using a standard webcam-application of some kind, f.ex. Photo Booth on Mac or Cheese on Linux. If this works, most of the hardware issues should be OK.

  1. Start CustusX, load a Patient or start a new one.
  2. Go to the Acquisition Workflow Step (the "Acq" arrows to the left on the toolbar).
  3. If everything is properly configured, you should now get the video in the Video View to the right. Otherwise, read on.
  4. Open Video Connection Widget .Use default settings, they should be the best choice in most situations.
  1. Choose Connection: Direct Link. This will run the image server inside CustusX: This is the simplest configuration.
  2. Press Connect Server and check the Console Widget for information. The server is now connected to CustusX if the button text changes to "Disconnect Server".
  3. If several cameras are connected, choose between them by adding "`--videoport 0`", "`--videoport 1`" and so on in the Arguments box.


For the Mac operating system, choose

  1. Connection: Local Server
  2. Local Server:
  3. Press "Connect Server"
  4. A server window now appears in the background. If this doesn't work, check the console in the server window and follow instructions.