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An IGT application
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cx::IGTLinkConversionPolyData Class Reference

#include <cxIGTLinkConversionPolyData.h>

Public Member Functions

igtl::PolyDataMessage::Pointer encode (MeshPtr in, PATIENT_COORDINATE_SYSTEM externalSpace)
MeshPtr decode (igtl::PolyDataMessage *in, PATIENT_COORDINATE_SYSTEM externalSpace)

Detailed Description

Convert cx::Mesh <–> igtl::PolyDataMessage

Based on the class vtkIGTLToMRMLPolyData from License text can be found at the start of this file.

encode: create igtl messages decode: read from igtl messages

decode methods assume Unpack() has been called. encode methods assume Pack() will be called.

Definition at line 67 of file cxIGTLinkConversionPolyData.h.

Member Function Documentation

MeshPtr cx::IGTLinkConversionPolyData::decode ( igtl::PolyDataMessage *  in,

Definition at line 89 of file cxIGTLinkConversionPolyData.cpp.

igtl::PolyDataMessage::Pointer cx::IGTLinkConversionPolyData::encode ( MeshPtr  in,

Definition at line 75 of file cxIGTLinkConversionPolyData.cpp.

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